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  • Ile de Goree. Goree Island in English, it was named by the Dutch after taking over the island from the Portuguese in the late 1600s. Goree was a minor location used for the transport of slaves headed to the Americas, though its prominence is often overplayed. The island has interesting colonial architecture, mostly in ruins, including the landmark “House of Slaves” museum. This is a place with a great atmosphere, because it gives you kind of an pirate-island (with friendly folks all-over kind of feeling). Just walk around and explore. Its a small island, so you can easily strawl around it in an hour. Buy some cheap beer and chill at the beach when youre done. And then strawl some more and buy cheap art-work from the locals.
  • African Renaissance Monument. Opening its doors in December 2010, this colossal monument is dedicated to Africa’s emergence from the oppressive European regimes that once ruled the continent and the end of slavery. It is also meant as a display of African pride to shirk foreign perceptions of Africans as lesser people. From base to the top, it reaches taller than the Statue of Liberty.
  • IFAN Museum of African Arts (Musée Théodore Monod d’Art Africain).
  • Hann Park and Zoo, +221.33.832.38.75. Tues-Sun 10AM-12:30PM and 3PM-6:30PM. The public gardens were built in 1903 and thee arboretum was built in 1947. The gardens feature a wide variety of Senegalese plantlife and the zoo contains over 130 animals.


  • Marche Sandaga Madness. A decrepit concrete structure that has – despite appearance – three levels of activity: meat and vegetable stalls on the main floor, fish in the basement dungeon and – surprise – restaurant stalls on the roof. You will need to brave the crumpled stairs and step around guys cleaning dead chicken to make it up. Around the market building a sprawling network of stalls offer everything from copied music CDs, Manchester United shirts, electronic gadgets and islamic books – but be aware the hawkers can be very aggressive. The place is also famous for pickpockets, so take only the amount of money you need and keep it in a safe place.
  • Marche HLM A smaller market geared primarily towards fabric vendors, Marche HLM is slightly less crazy than Sandaga. Hundreds of options for fabric that you can buy and then get tailored into perfectly fitting traditional Senegalese wear (if you will be in Dakar for awhile, ask a Senegalese person who his or her tailor is, and go there. A little less convenient for travellers who will only be staying a week). Most vendors won’t sell less than 3 to 6 meters of fabric. A reasonable price is 1000CFA/meter.

Eat senegalese

  • Chez Ndeye / Ker Ndeye (On a street parallel to Ponty) Overpriced (4000 CFA per meal, 2000 CFA for a bissap drink). Mediocre Senegalese food. Besides the lovely Thiebou Dien, the place features home-made Tamarind juice. Try to catch the excellent Kora player. For that price, there are much better options in Dakar.



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